Blog Reference Map

I often use my own blog as a reference for common tasks - that's part of the reason why I post things in the first place - and to share with the Oracle community.

So when I read Why every blogger should create resource pages and saw some of examples from people such as thatjeffsmith, I thought I'd draft this up, over time update my older posts with references to related content and generally clean things up. I'll try to keep it up-to-date, too - but no promises. Maybe translate into contemporary menu, too.

I also post a lot about AUSOUG, science & other stuff, so this is a great way to trim the fat and cut right to the technical stuff.

I don't think it's complete - I'll try to keep it up to date and maybe pretty it up a little.
As a guide, those marked -- recent were added since the last time I last updated this page (Jan 2014).

Note April 2021 - I plan to replace this page with something more... useful.


APEX Feature Requests
Demo app - blog examples
Demo app - Consuming Plug-ins
Demo mobile app - User group conference
Useful APEX URLs

Modify APEX workspace login
APEX object synonyms
Chrome for APEX dev
SQL Injection
User Interface Detection
Reasons to upgrade APEX
LDAP Authentication


jQuery error page replacement (3.x)
Using jQuery selector in APEX
jQuery vs ApexLib
jQuery dialog boxes
jQuery Datepicker 3.x
Highlight cell background in report
APEX closing modal dialog on escape
Customise totals classic report
Modify Region title dynamically -- recent

APEX Maintenance

Upgrading to 4.2
Upgrading to 4.1
Upgrading Glassfish
Managing APEX using APIs

APEX Administration

Viewing APEX session state
Locked Pages


Apex IR CSS tweaks
APEX Tree region use case

Middle tier

Considering Apex in the cloud
Apex listener issues
Glassfish URL not allowed
Glassfish isn't dead -- recent


APEX variables in SQL
APEX Conditions
Performance issues with v()
Bulk bind in Apex
Post calculation computations

Beginning APEX 

APEX URL mnemonic

APEX 4.2 Show Grid

APEX 101 - dynamic actions
APEX 101 - set region on page load
Tutorial - using read only
Tutorial - basic record maintenance

APEX Forms

Using sequences
Working with compound primary keys
Show/Hide APEX labels
Cascading LOV 4.0
Validate e-mail using PL/SQL
User friendly APEX date items

Build Options

Build options intoduction
Build option use case - experiments -- recent
Build option use case - replace condition never -- recent

Themes & Templates

Modifying Tab behaviour
CSS pull down menu
Freezing pull down menu



APEX developer extension
APEX 5 Desires
APEX 4.2 wishlist
APEX 4.1 SOD (statement of direction)

11g Documentation trick
Application Design
Consume selected Twitter accounts using RSS

Published Material

Oracle APEX Techniques - Video Course
APEX Mobile Web Development review
APEX Best Practices book review
Expert Oracle APEX Plugins review
Expert Oracle APEX review
Agile Oracle APEX review
APEX 4.0 Cookbook book review
Forms Converter book review

OTN Forums upgrade review


Steven Feuerstein Perth Review (Part 2)


Quoting inside literal strings
Conditional compilation
PRAGMA Autonomous transaction
Wrapping/Obfuscating PL/SQL
Reset sequence values


SQL 101 - group by rollup
Regular expressions 101
SQL Analytics 101 - Row number()
Analytical functions with PIVOT
Coalesce vs NVL
Short Circuit Evaluations
Full outer joins
Recursive subquery - hierarchical
Escape wildcard search
Building Test Scenarios
Date densification - Model clause
Searching view SQL (LONG datatype)
Finding stuff in ALL_VIEWS using XML
Using WITH (Subquery Factoring)
Intervals (Dates)

12c new developer features
SQL Developer Preferences