Thursday 28 March 2013

Reasons you should upgrade your APEX environment

For those interested, here is a prezi-style presentation on why I think you should be upgrading your APEX environment to at least 4.x.
Hopefully you understand the messages without listening to my babble.

I presented this to our local Perth user group as part of a double header with Mark Randell discussing (on a similar theme) why you should upgrade your database to 11gR2.

I'm really liking the Prezi tool, and I think I have the hang of designing them instead of powerpoint slides.

I think the best feature is you can concentrate on the layout, which will help you memorise the flow - which I defined very late in the scheme of things.

I always had an idea of the general flow - from inception of the idea, and the first segment (upto the tree rings) I did first; then I filled in the rest once I was happy with the content/placement around the tree; deciding on how to end it later on.

And I had a few ideas for a new one in the shower this morning :-)



Kelly said...

I really got a good chuckle on the juxtaposition of (human) Apex evolution vs (scary massive alien) JDeveloper evolution.

Scott Wesley said...

Thanks Kelly, I got a few smiles in the audience at the point - including my own ;-)