Wednesday 20 July 2011

Glassfish - url is not allowed

On my laptop I use Glassfish as my server platform for the Apex Listener.

A common problem I see (mainly from trainees trying to plug in my address) is the following error.
HTTP Status 404 - Requested url http://localhost:8080/apex40 is not allowed.

Now this isn't really a problem for me day-to-day because I have a nice bookmark that takes me to the correct location. But next time I try to set-up Glassfish, or I'm having some troubleshooting problems, I'll forget this issue.

It turns out, all I'm missing is a trailing slash on my address. It should be

I don't know if this is solved by some setting - I'm certainly not a web server expert. If anyone has any comments I'd be glad to listen.

... hold the phone! 

I just thought I'd have a read about the changes in Release 1.1.2, and I notice this fix:
Fixed a problem with an IllegalStateException being thrown when the path /apex (instead of /apex/) was accessed on the standalone Listener
I was adding this entry so I might also remember in future, and let's just say I passively found the solution, instead of actively looking for a potential one.

I remember seeing the announcement for this release, I figured I wouldn't worry about going through pain of upgrading since it's just my laptop... now I'm downloading as I post... (well I was, I scheduled this post a while ago to stop the bombardment of the start of July - but now I've created a paradox to confuse time travelers)

Maybe I'll remember to record the upgrade process...



Tajuddin said...

it was a bit of mission for me to install glassfish server and integrate with APEX 4 in our test machine. But finally I got it working.

Scott Wesley said...

Yeah, the first time I was trying to set it up it took me a while to fight the relevant battles - but then I'm not really a server admin kind of guy...