Wednesday 8 May 2013

Freezing the Navbar Menu plugin to top of page

Recently I blogged about a nifty CSS only menu that is a great alternative to the horrible APEX tab-sets. Unfortunately I had to ditch it for a recent project because it didn't work well on touch screen devices, so I picked up Enkitec's Navbar plugin instead.

I wanted to freeze the menu at the top of the page, so when the user scrolled down, the menu would remain at the top of the screen.
I tried doing this some time ago with a side-bar menu but came across a bunch of problems - this time round it required very little CSS to make it happen. This stackoverflow post suggested 2 lines, but my APEX example extended a touch more:
.navbar {
.apex_span_12, .apex_span_10 {
The key is the position fixed, width 100%, but the fixed position had some minor side effects - some objects overlapped my menu, and all existing content shifted up underneath the menu.

To fix the overlap I used z-index, which is the third dimension beyond height/width and decides which components appear above another when the position is set. I added a large z-index value so the menu always overlapped other objects I had such as a google map, CSS checkbox switches and other maps that by default went over the menu instead of under like all the APEX components.

Then I had to make sure all my regular content started underneath the menu, so this is where the margin comes in. Since I was using the responsive Theme 25, I identified those classes as the lowest common denominator for moving my content.

Depending on the page template used, it was either of those classes - basically if I had a side-bar region the apex_span_n changed. I'm happy to receive feedback on a smarter solution, but this worked for me.

I used 50 pixels, but the font in my menu is at 130% to benefit bigger fingers on the touch screen.

Hope it helps!


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