Wednesday 15 September 2010

APEX IR CSS tweaks

Recently I had a request to top align all the data within an APEX 3.2 interactive report.

There were some data in the report that made other information appear out of place. Consider the sample data below on demo_customers table. The address field is subtly pushing the other fields down. Combine this with an Edit record image and it starts to look silly.

Normally you can hop into the templates of your application and throw in the occasional tweak to make these adjustments, but I found nothing for an IR.

After a quick search, I found the solution here by Matt Nolan - who ironically enough commented on my blog recently.

My task wasn't as in depth, so I simply used the vertical align style and inserted it in my application's custom CSS file. Alternatively, I could have inserted it into my page footer, for instance.

<style type="text/css"> 
  table.apexir_WORKSHEET_DATA td {
} </style> 

This adjusted my report to appear just how my customer wanted, and because I put it in my application's CSS file, it applied to all interactive reports.


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