Thursday 6 October 2011

Upgrading APEX Listener on Glassfish

I can't believe it was July when I blogged about a problem with my Glassfish server.

Since then Oracle has release APEX Listener 1.1.3 (September 2011)

I thought I'd finally upgrade, and I was surprised how simple it was.

If you're using Glassfish already, check out the notes for upgrading APEX listener with Glassfish. The details are super simple and fit on one screen.

First I went to my Glassfish Administration module at http://localhost:4848
It took a while to respond, and so did logging in - the rest of the process for upgrading the listener didn't even take as long.

Clicking on the Application node took me here
Then I disabled my Apex deployment
Clicking on deploy enabled me to select the WAR file from my APEX Listener download, which I extracted to C:\app\Scott\apex_listener_113\apex.war
And it was enabled straight away
I opened my APEX login URL (without the trailing slash, which was the bug I wanted to avoid) and presto, all was good!
Next I need to upgrade my local instance to 4.1...

While in the Glassfish Administration console, I noticed there were 47 updates available to my Glassfish server. 
So I attempted to upgrade them all, but received the following lovely error:
manifest of pkg://,0-3.1:20110525T211958Z has duplicates: file: path=jdk/register.html & file: path=jdk/register.html

So I decided to call it a night - if it ain't broke...

On a final note, if you would like to use Glassfish as your proxy between your web browser as the Application Express engine, check out the installation notes. This would be instead of using a dedicated HTTP server, which might be overkill for your laptop; and the basic XDB HTTP server embedded in the database - Embedded PL/SQL Gateway (EPG)



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