Monday 28 June 2010

Oracle APEX build options

Sometimes while developing for a release, components aren't ready for migration for whatever reason. You may also wish to make available development only pages, for instance.

Oracle Application Express has a feature called "Build Options" that are designed explicitly for this purpose. There are other methods of doing this, such as utilising authorisation schemes, but this is neater.
Here is a simple example of a build option defined in the application:

This option can be assigned to application components, such as pages, as follows (within edit page attributes)

This means that within the development environment, these pages are available.
When the application is exported, the components are present within the builder - but not available at runtime.
When I was first exploring this feature I got confused on this concept.:

I exported the application, checked the file - my component was there.

I imported the file, checked the application - it was there.
It wasn't until I ran the application that I noticed the components were missing. This allows you to configure further with your new application. In a way highlighting how important testing even when you're "sure" it works in theory.

The easiest way to think of the include/exclude options is as on/off, just a like a regular condition.

I think the documentation on the build option has improved since I last looked.

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Stew said...


This is a nice use of this feature. I've used it to keep debugging features only on the test database instances, but hadn't considered using for restricting ready-for-alpha functionality out of a production build.

Thanks for the idea.