Thursday 14 June 2018

Things I learned while not at Kscope18

Yep, as much as I wanted to be at Kscope18 this year, my abstracts were not accepted.
And it's a long way.
And I'm still waiting for this.

So this is a small collection of stuff I learnt only from Twitter - just by keeping an eye on the #kscope18 hashtag. Anyone can do his, even if you're not on twitter. Try that link and see.


Seriously, Twitter is an effective tool in keeping up with the Oracle APEX product. Plenty of ACEs on Twitter, all dishing out interesting infomation. If you don't like consuming it direct, has a great filtered feed.

Some of these short posts may look like those horrible "articles" which are just a collection of tweets with a little commentary, where they still call it journalism.

These next few posts are different to that, honest ;p

And I'd love for anyone who was actually at the event to extend/correct information I've interpreted.
It's still going on, too. We're in the relative future in Australia, so I'm still seeing tweets come through as I write this. And I've been concentrating on #orclapex.

If you still want to just see some sessions, some are already streamable, and I understand many more will be available at some point for members on the ODTUG website, just like previous years.

It seems last year I had similar inspiration, and I saw this tweet a few days before Kscope began.

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