Thursday 14 June 2018

The faces of Oracle APEX

This post is one of a series on what I learned while not at Kscope18.

The faces of Oracle APEX.
Well, some of them, at least. There are more listed in this picture, but it's harder to see. The one of Shakeeb comes across a lot better on his Twitter profile.

I've been lucky enough to meet many of these people, but here they are. If you see them in person, feel free to thank them.

Across the top, with my impression of their major facet of contribution:
Marc Sewtz - various integrations
David Peake - Product Manager, an Aussie ex-pat also bringing some Forms touch to APEX
Anthony Rainer - IR/IG/Accessibility, and various things JavaScript

Alon the bottom:
Joel Kallman - Director of Development, and all round nice guy
Carsten Czarki - tamer of web services using SQL
Hilary Farrell - hard to get a face to that name online, but you may have thanked her Charts demo app.
Shakeeb Rahman - all things UT and design.
Patrick Wolf - I believe we can thank him for Page Designer. Probably had a big hand in plugins, too.

Seriously, what a product!



thatJeffSmith said...

Joel is the Development Director, David is the product manager.

Scott Wesley said...

Thanks for the clarification. I've learned and forgotten this information before.