Friday 12 June 2015

Kscope Journey

Boy that was a long trip.

Sure, Perth to Dubai was 11 hours but on a brand new half full Airbus it wasn't so bad, even if we didn't get in early to move away from the bulk head seats. The leg room was handy while bubba was awake, but arm rests that don't fold up made it harder to get her to sleep.

I think though the most boring part was the 3 hour layover in Dubai. Took some creativity to keep our little 17 month old amused.

The second leg was the doozy. 13 hours to Boston on a jam packed plane. I've got to commend little Zara though, she was pretty awesome throughout. Emirates staff were also great, thank you.

I have a suggestion for creating jobs in the states - put more border protection staff on. Over an hour in the queue and the finally put more than one person on to process us foreign folk, just as we reach the front. Customs was a breeze, almost comical watching others.

Our transfers were MIA, that sucked. Half or wait for nothing and $40 later we made it to our hotel.

Before we all crashed at the ripe time of 8pm, we tried some classics in the hotel sports bar. Clam chowder isn't bad, though rich. Corn bread isn't bad, though rich. And my burger could well have just come from McDonald's. All washed down with a fine pale ale, where I'm glad I asked the size difference between 16 and 32 ounces.

I've made some interesting observations about differences in culture here so far, but I best reserve comment for now. For now I'll just try work out why I can hear kids play outside my 23rd storey room.

Some sight seeing today, more food, then tomorrow (as I write this, not sure when I'll connect to post it) we head to Washington.

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