Tuesday 26 November 2019

On the PL/SQL you don't write when using APEX.

Fancy joining in on a discussion with PL/SQL and Oracle APEX community members from around the world?

I'm honoured join Karen Cannell and Scott Spendolini, to be hosted by Steven Feuerstein in the next AskTom PL/SQL Office Hours on December 3, 2019.

It seems a few people haven't heard of these "office hours" sessions, but they're worth a go - more than just your average webinar. And they're all recorded for later viewing.

This is just the PL/SQL sessions! Every month they have one for Oracle APEX, SQL, Spatial, JavaScript, JSON, Database Security, and even more.

Product segments

It's probably one of the richest learning resources Oracle currently produces, and I really need to tap into more of it.

If the timezone gods allow it, I recommend live participation, as you really do get your questions answered. The produce managers handle the chatline, ensuring questions get followed through.

I think Steven's ensuring we have a good 15 minutes for questions, because they always come through. They keep the chat transcripts, too. The one for Oracle Forms Modernisation was all about the questions!

And it's free - you only need to sacrifice your email address, though it's probably the best email feed I have. Concise, infrequent, except my forum feed, of course.

On December 3, in my 15 minutes of fame, I plan to (spark debate?) about "the PL/SQL you don't need to write". I delivered this as an APEX application, instead of whipping out the ol' powerpoint.

Join in next week, and Karen will start with some decent habits, and the other Scott will no doubt enlighten us about security, or some such.

Free training - from Oracle... well, in this case, delegated to some passionate volunteers. ;p

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