Tuesday 4 March 2014

Where February went

(not to scale)
When it comes to blogging, I completely skipped the month of February - even after I said I'd average one post per week, thought I have an excellent excuse... my wife & I had a baby girl ;-)

Even though I had posts pre-drafted, I thought I'd just cut the noose & envelop myself right into those first few weeks with our girl. It was an enjoyable time, and I'm torn coming back to work I really enjoy.

I couldn't not read in my time off. Our girl is treating us really well and spent time enjoying a great Clarke/Baxter book. I also found myself flipping through Twitter & my RSS reader occasionally and saw some interesting posts & developments particularly in the Oracle world. Some I e-mailed myself to get back to and will be posting about in the near future - get my average back up ;-)

First day back was a bit of a struggle - while APEX5 Early Adopter is sitting there waiting for me to play - I was dusting off an APEX 3.x application and doing some Oracle Forms maintenance.
Luckily I have a few other small projects I look forward to sinking my teeth into - technology has stalled my play with PhoneGap; I have a 2nd edition book to review; and a few pseudo-exams to try; and I'm writing a jQuery presentation.


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