Thursday 19 July 2012

Thursday Thought - Legacy errors

The other day I was writing a query for my Apex application and I required an outer join. In this case I decided to use the ANSI syntax, and out of habit I used a scalar subquery to reference an application item:

select col1, col2
from my_table a
left outer join my_other_table b
on =
and b.sub_id = (SELECT v('F_SUB_ID') FROM DUAL)

I received the following error, which was fair enough - but what I did not expect to see was a reference to what I presume to be Oracle V6.

ORA-01799: a column may not be outer-joined to a subquery

Cause: <expression>(+) <relop> (<subquery>) is not allowed.
Action: Either remove the (+) or make a view out of the subquery. In V6 and before, the (+) was just ignored in this case.
I don't suppose anyone is still on Oracle6 out there?!

Wednesday 18 July 2012

Apex - closing modal page on escape

I've been making use of the Skillbuilders Modal Page plug-in a fair bit recently, and I thought I'd share this little ditty on closing the dialog when the escape button is pressed.

I set the event to Key Release, using the 'document' DOM object.

The JavaScript condition is set to 'event.which = 27' - the ASCII translation of the escape key.

Finally, the true action closes the window, passing nothing back to the calling page

Inline images 1

Of course, aside from the action - the same event can be captured if you're listening for the escape key for whatever reason.

Hope it helps.

Thursday 5 July 2012

Thursday's Thought - APEX 4.2

During a conversation with a colleague I had thought regarding potential release date for Oracle Application Express 4.2

I know this is really comparing apples to oranges, but at least it gives a ball park ;-)

APEX 4.1 early adopter was released in May last year.
... and was released in August.

So perhaps we shall expect 4.2 in September? Perhaps we'll just see how things go... :-p

Update: It was released in mid-October - not bad for such a major release!


Wednesday 4 July 2012

Oracle Apex Feature Requests

At the start of the year I posted my thoughts on how Application Express could be improved in 4.2

When I posted it as a forum entry on OTN I didn't expect the discussion to last half a year and run into 264 replies!

At some point someone suggested there should be a feedback Apex application like the SQL Developer Exchange.

Well now there is:

If you want to help steer the ship that is Oracle Application Express - this is the place to do it.