Many moons ago when I first started as an Oracle Developer, I worked on a project with Penny. I wasn't under her employ then, but we were playing with materialized views in an 8.1.7 database. Fairly cutting edge at the time she suggested I do a presentation on it for the conference. Green as I was straight out of university I graciously declined, but ever since I searched for a topic I'd be confident in presenting. One day on a blog I stumbled on someone's response to a simple query that suggested using the Model Clause and for some reason this peaked (not piqued) my interest. I've never looked back since and ideas just keep coming.

So to those contemplating it, just go for it. It's like riding a bike. And you learn so much about Oracle when you're essentially forced to tinker & play.

I've got a label in my blog for all things presentation related - announcements, suggestions, experiences, or some collated thoughts.

Below is a list of presentations I've done so far at various user group events.
(And yes, it turns out I'm a fan of alliteration)

I've also published many of them on slideshare, though the Prezi sessions don't translate well to PDF.
Next time I might try Slides. Or I may just go back to Powerpoint.

Updated June 2023 - added presentations from 2023 - and hopefully fixed all the dead links.

Another Two Years with APEX - APEX latest and greatest features ( APEX Export - Runtime demo )
(co-presented with Jeff Kemp)

Oracle's low code platform Application Express (APEX) keeps on going from strength to strength, rolling out new features at a yearly cadence.  There's a lot of new features available each year, and more coming down the pipeline. 

Thanks to popular request, and as Oracle APEX is very popular in Perth, AUSOUG has invited Jeff & Scott to talk to the Perth dev community about their favourite features that have arrived in the last 2 years, and a sneak peak of features yet to come.

(I joined forces with Jeff Kemp talking about recent Oracle APEX goodies - my half was a sample application looking at Dynamic Actions - my favourite feature of APEX)

Oracle / AUSOUG Meetup 2023 - Perth 

APEX for Free Powerpoint )

Oracle APEX has certainly been talk of town since COVID affected us all from 2020. The rapid development capability and flexibility has caught the eye of many, and Scott would like to help show you what it's all about, and how you can start learning how to use it for free.

And it's not just for developers - DBAs have been caught in the wild using it, too. Even the occasional tester has been spotted navigating around, checking out business rules and verifying privileges.

- How does APEX work?
- Why is it good?
- How can I learn?
- Environment options
- Ways to practice

Oracle / AUSOUG Meetup 2023 - Perth 

APEX for Forms Developers ( Kscope Version - AUSOUG Version )

After spending about seven years as an Oracle Forms developer, I successfully transitioned to Oracle APEX, and I find myself a very happy camper. After spending time in the chat thread during the Ask TOM Office Hours session on Oracle Forms modernization, I felt like I had a duty to help existing Forms developers take hold of our modern development environment.

This session will cover the important considerations to transform your skills as an Oracle Forms developer to Oracle APEX. You might be surprised by just how much overlap there is.

Kscope 2019 - Seattle, Washington
AUSOUG Connect 2019 - Melbourne, Perth

Managing Multiple APEX Applications prezi )

Divide & conquer—an old adage that still applies to managing APEX applications. One application is rarely enough, but how do we split the application while still giving the end user the experience of one cohesive unit?

Linking the application is easy, so this session will concentrate on other facets required when melding applications together, such as (but not limited to) application availability, authorization management, shared component subscriptions, and APEX upgrades. There are a few other simple considerations to take on this journey of making APEX application management more...manageable.

Kscope 2019 - Seattle, Washington
AUSOUG Webinar 2019

A dozen things to do with Oracle APEX prezi | blog )

As APEX matures, so does my usage of the product, especially with features that have been around for a long time.

This session will explore the usage of 3 of my favourite features you've no doubt heard about before, but in ways you may not have thought to use them.
  1. Dynamic actions are a clear favourite, but how do I use them on a daily basis, now that I've had lots of practice?
  2. Build options are underrated, in my humble opinion. I have 3 use cases for you to consider.
  3. The REQUEST value. Yup, I'm really going with this one. Documented uses typically relate to the submission process, while you could also be using it to parameterise workflow.
I'm going to cover 3 uses of each feature, so be prepared to come out of this session with up to 9 new ideas.

AUSOUG Connect 2018 - Perth 

Dynamic Actions, Javascript, & CSS for APEX Beginners Runtime demo | blog )

Dynamic Actions, JavaScript and CSS. These are a tightly coupled set of tools many APEX developers may be underutilising.

If you've started to dabble with Dynamic Actions, but still have a little trouble adopting JavaScript examples from the wild into your APEX applications, then come interact with Scott's presentation to demystify some of what JavaScript has to offer APEX developers.

Yes, *interact* with the presentation. The plan is to conduct mostly inline demonstrations of applied examples using JavaScript and CSS within the APEX domain, drawing from frequent coding patterns.

The example application will be available for download, for later reference.

AUSOUG Branch Meeting 2017 - Perth / Webinar

Exploring AJAX from Afar prezi | blog )

Google Autocomplete was launched in 2004 and it started to revolutionise how users interacted with web pages. A decade later Oracle have refined the art of generating interactive web pages from the database using APEX. However, the potential AJAX interactions provide is often underutilised.

Some developers err when JavaScript is mentioned; Business analysts may potential bridges between requirement and capability; And managers may be surprised at the simplicity of the mechanics.

This session aims is for everyone, and I offer a fresh look at what your browser can offer. These tools I used every day are for more than just APEX developers. I'll open the hood and shed light on some of the simple, but moving parts of modern browser behaviour.

AUSOUG Connect 2017 - Perth

Mastering Dynamic Actions prezi )

Dynamic actions are arguably the most powerful feature in APEX, mitigating the need for developers to read/write copious amounts of benign JavaScript code.

This session will also introduce a few common design patterns to create flexible dynamic actions with minimal to no JavaScript, whilst providing end users with a more interactive experience.

AUSOUG Connect 2016 - Perth, Melbourne

APEX 5.1 Charts with Oracle prezi )

An exploration of how OracleJET integrates with APEX, and what that may mean for the future.

Includes a look at how chart attribute definitions have been enhanced in the builder.

Note - initial ideas for the presentation, such as a more practical look at these charts in action, have been moved to next year, when 5.1 out of early adopter. I'm also keen on defining a plug-in to use JET charts in 5.0.

AUSOUG Connect 2016 - Perth, Melbourne

The Perfect Trigger prezi )

A short, 10 minute session detailing the perfect transactional trigger, with a slight Oracle APEX perspective. Yes, you need 12c.

AUSOUG Connect 2016 - Perth, Melbourne

How's your APEX game ( prezi )

Yes, that's word play. 

Short development time, declarative, neat - these were the parameters Scott strived for when he decided submit for the 2015 ODTUG APEX Gaming competition.

This session explores the technical lessons learnt while building the game, from adhering the declarative nature of APEX; to some concise but nifty SQL. Listen to why certain decisions were made and see how some of the important bolts fit.

Try play the game yourself at

Perth OTN Day 2015

Evidence Based APEX prezi )

Evidence-based practices combine best available research evidence, needs, and preferences of the client base with the resources and expertise of the practitioner. In the APEX world, we can apply these principles to identify the good techniques from the bad.

We can use this information to help with modularization, performance, feedback, standards, and design patterns.

See the evidence-based model overlayed with APEX design patterns, through the eyes of an Australian science geek.

Kscope 2015 Hollywood, Florida

Using CSS & Applying jQuery in your Web Applications: A Guide for PL/SQL Developers (2hr) prezi )

This session will teach you the secret to understanding jQuery - treating your webpage like a database.

By learning even the basics of jQuery - a framework already used by APEX - you will see your applications raise the bar. While the workshop uses APEX to deliver the content, all web developers will learn why they should embrace HTML5, CSS3 & jQuery library capabilities, and how they could apply them to their web development tool of choice.

It covers the fundamentals you need to start enhancing your application, and some applicable examples that you'll want in your own applications tomorrow.

AUSOUG WA Conference 2014
Kscope Deep Dive 2015

Presentation Skills prezi )
(co-presented with Penny Cookson)

According to the U.S. National Institute of Mental Health, Glossophobia - Fear of public speaking, is the most common phobia, affecting 74% of the population.  In this presentation we will look at techniques  and tools you can use when speaking in front of any audience.  The session is based on the Presentation Skills workshop series conducted by Penny and Scott and will include a variety of different presentation styles,  visual aids and presentation tools, how to pick your presentation topic and of course - how to overcome the fear.

AUSOUG WA Conference 2014

5 Security & 5 Performance Techniques for APEX projects prezi )

In honour of the release of APEX 5, this presentation covers five techniques from both topics that should be used frequently in APEX projects. Most of these items are applicable to all versions of APEX, but five of them combine new features that arrive with the latest release.

Performance techniques range from day to day syntax considerations to smarter library & infrastructural adjustments that can halve your page load times.

Security features help secure your data with row & column based protection; help shelter your browsers from dodgy data; and provide flexibility with release management with your authentication schemes and some oft forgotten shared components.

AUSOUG WA Conference 2014

APEX 5 Page Designer prezi )
Jumpstart your learning curve to the new release in 40 minutes

APEX 5 arrives with a bunch of new features, but most of them revolve around or pertain to the exciting new web-based IDE called "Page Designer".

APEX developers may take a while to learn the ins & outs of this remarkable new, feature rich, truly interactive development interface. It replaces the APEX 4.x Tree view, which in comparison now feels like a minor hybrid of the original component view.

Forms programmers might take particular interest on how they can transition to APEX by embracing certain features of the new page designer.

Here are four key phrases to pique your interest
- Enhanced tree-based view
- Drag & drop Grid Layout Editor
- Wizardless Property editor
- Comprehensive new toolbar with undo/redo

Within the hour Scott will demonstrate how the Page Designer works and more importantly - show you how APEX 5 will improve your productivity by an order of magnitude.

AUSOUG WA Branch Meeting 2014
ODTUG Webinar 2014

APEX in your hands: Lessons learnt from a tablet project ( prezi )

While the world woos over mobile development & responsive web design, the SAGE team tackled a corporate application for a 10 inch tablet using Oracle Application Express. Scott will touch on issues may have heard about before such as responsive web design, optimisation, consistency & navigation - but Scott will also provide examples on how it affected the project, and his recommendations for moving forward. This seminar will be entertaining, generally high level with use case scenarios, and developers will also see the odd code snippet.

Insync Conference 2013 Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth

Spice up your APEX application with third party plug-ins ( prezi )

This is a half-day workshop designed to help APEX developers step through process of locating, downloading, installing & consuming APEX plug-ins. The session will take the form of a light demonstration at the start, then explanations of techniques followed by practical sessions implementing relevant features. The plug-ins used are free to use in your applications, and fall under GPL/MIT licence. They are available thanks to the generosity and curiosity of the worldwide APEX community. The result will be a small APEX application demonstrating many user friendly features with little effort.

Insync Conference 2013 Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth

Reasons why you should upgrade your APEX environment - Discover how APEX 4.x makes your life easier ( prezi )

Unless you truly pick things apart, version numbers don't proffer much to explain the differences between product releases.
Over time with Application Express I have taken note of the differences, and I might suggest you'd barely call APEX 4.2 even the same species as 3.2 - it has evolved fantastically!
We've seen the introduction of Dynamic Actions, Plug-ins, support for mobile, improved security - all of which lead to improved productivity, more user friendly applications and ongoing support.

We'll explore the growing tree that is Application express with a relatively unique presentation style -and we'll will climb it all the way to the canopy, exposing what's ahead with APEX 5.

DBAs will gain awareness, Development Managers will get ideas, Business Analysts will see options, and Developers can get some details.

AUSOUG WA Branch Meeting 2013

A Foray into APEX Mobile  ( prezi )

Mobile development had beginnings even prior to Oracle Application Express 4.x, but with 4.1 itching to be a true mobile development platform - only held back by the jQuery library - APEX 4.2 has arrived with it as standard armory in the utility belt.

Before coming along you can check out a sample application used this presentation by visiting 
Use this application to register (anonymous) interest in presentations you may consider attending, then to provide feedback on each session.

Then come see how the sausage was made; what you may expect to see out of APEX
mobile development in the future; and what you need to consider learning before putting on
the stetson!

AUSOUG WA Conference 2012
ODTUG Webinar 2012

Oracle APEX 4.1 Security  ( prezi )

There have always been many options for securing Oracle APEX applications, and many of them don't require much effort - just a little understanding.

This presentation will cover all things APEX Security. Scott covers discussions and examples of many of  APEX's security features, including changes to Authentication & Authorisation in 4.1 towards using plug-ins.

AUSOUG WA Conference 2011 - Awarded Best Paper
Insync Melbourne Conference 2012

Oracle APEX Performance  ( Powerpointprezi | slideshare)

Over the years there have been countless technical and social presentations doting on 5, 10, 12 ways to improve this, that and the other.

I will go through various performance tweaks (not tweets) for Oracle Application Express without limiting myself to a golden number.

These improvements will vary from simple PL/SQL refactoring; to monitoring for bottlenecks in your application; to cutting down maintenance time - which relates to the performance of you as an Oracle developer with only 24 hours in a day.

We may even visit a little APEX instrumentation on the way.

AUSOUG WA Conference 2010
AUSOUG SA Conference 2011
Virtathon 2011
InSync Sydney Conference 2011

APEX with Oracle Text ( Powerpointgoogledoc | slideshare | APEX export )

Oracle Text is a facility within the database that provides more advanced indexing & search techniques - including the ability to index documents stored in your database; on your server; or even the web!

Now you can incorporate this functionality into your web application using Oracle Application Express.

This presentation will demonstrate how easy it is to combine the two, and give you a platform for further expansion and exploration within a very powerful product.

AUSOUG WA Branch Meeting 2010

Trials & Tribulations of an Oracle Forms -> APEX Conversion ( Powerpoint )

Abstract: One of the hot topics these days questions how long you should keep hold of your long standing, hard working Forms application. Oracle support timeframes for Forms has been quite fluid over recent years and ultimately you may need to make a move..

Depending on the size and complexity of your application, a number of options present themselves.
Oracle Application Express is one such option. The question remains, however, is there some black box tool we can use to plug our Forms in and have it pump out APEX pages? And how much assistance does this tool need before and after the conversion process?

This presentation will cover some of the considerations you may need to make when contemplating this event. We'll show what happens when you convert a form with various types of components and reveal the gaps, if any, you'll find at the other end.

Let's not forget the other components of our Forms application. What about PL/SQL libraries, reports, menus? Is it worth tackling some of these items manually? We shall see...

AUSOUG WA and Vic National Conference 2009 - Oracle ACE ODTUG Stream

Using Oracle Documentation Effectively ( Powerpointgoogledoc | slideshare )

If you're a database developer, regardless of whether you have 6 months or 6 years experience, you need a good reference manual.
By good, I mean one that you can locate what you need within seconds. I know you know what I mean...

I'd like to show you how easy the free Oracle supplied documentation really is to use. And if for some reason it still doesn't cater to your needs, I'll show you some other methods and destinations that might save you a few headaches.

In this short presentation, I'll show you how to find most day to day documentation requirements in 2 clicks, maybe 3 if you're unlucky - without connecting to the net.
You might also hear some other new words such as Ubiquity & Bookmarklets.

AUSOUG WA Branch Meeting 2009

11g New Features ( googledoc | Powerpoint | slideshare )

There are a wealth of new features available in the 11g database release. This presentation touches on SQL & PL/SQL features I found of interest, and concentrates particularly on virtual columns.
Relevant scripts are available here.

ACTOUG May 2009

Creative Conditional Compilation ( googledoc | Powerpoint | slideshare )

Oracle released a feature in 10g Release 2 they thought worthy of facilitating in previous versions via patch sets - so I thought it was worthy enough for a closer look.

Conditional compilation isn't a foreign concept in the programming world, and for the developer aficionado it's a wonderful paradigm to explore.

Conditional compilation was designed with the main intention of being able to create database version specific code. With the recent advent of 11g, developers can actually start adding 11g features to their 10g code today!

However it provides the savvy PL/SQL developer to enhance their code in more ways than just gearing up for the next release… Dust of your software engineering hats and discover how to utilise conditional compilation to explore concepts such as latent self tracing code; latent assertions; and enhanced prototyping for your unit tests.

This seminar will illustrate several examples of conditional compilation that will open your mind; ultimately benefit your users; and can be implemented as far back as 9.2!

AUSOUG WA and QLD National Conference 2008
AUSOUG VIC Branch Meeting 2009
AUSOUG Qld Branch Meeting 2010

Be a Bulk Binding Baron ( googledoc | Powerpoint | slideshare )

Developers - If you are not using Bulk Binds you are not writing PL/SQL efficiently!

Bulk binding has been around for a long time, yet there are sites out there that don't utilise this feature to its full extent, if at all. Every release of Oracle improves on this functionality so obviously it's a topic worthy of consistent awareness.

In PL/SQL and SQL, there are a few nifty features related to bulk binding you may not have seen - it's not all about BULK COLLECT. Whether you're on 8i, 11g or anything in between, you'll benefit from the concepts described in this seminar and become a Bulk Binding Baron!

AUSOUG WA Branch Meeting 2008
AUSOUG SA Conference 2011

The Model Clause ( googledoc | Powerpoint | slideshare )

The session will breakdown the Model clause into its fundamental components and provides some basic real-world examples to demonstrate its greater potential.

Though most developers have heard of the SQL Model clause in 10g, many may baulk at the idea of using it - daunted by seemingly foreign syntax that might well have come out of a FORTRAN program.

Look a little closer and you'll find it's just like building a spreadsheet. Concise, easy to read syntax that provides the functionality for demanding calculations that would normally require elaborate joins, unions, analytics or PL/SQL. In addition to the development and maintenance burden, we are also faced with the all too familiar problem of business customers duplicating data to an Excel spreadsheet that is shared and erroneously modified around the workplace.

This session uses the Model clause as a high performance tool that can simplify approaches to every day problems. It demonstrates that Model is an extension to SQL that forms multi-dimensional arrays with inter-row & inter-array calculations that automatically resolves formula dependencies.

AUSOUG WA and VIC National Conference 2007

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