Wednesday 22 January 2014

OTN says I'm an APEX guru :-)

Just before the new year I became a 'guru' - at least as per the measuring stick over at the OTN APEX forum.

I tried to find my tweet when I reached the 'Expert' status, just to see how long it's been - but I couldn't find it - maybe too small a speck in the big data that is twitter.

However, milage varies when it comes to forum usage and I must be humble.
There are true gurus out there that do not use the forums, and there are some that do.

As I scroll through the (9 pages!) of documented OTN gurus to find myself, I encounter some true APEX experts such as

  • jQuery expert Jari Laine (17k+) - one of the best APEX blogs around (also using APEX, no less) -
  • Ever-present fac586 (13k+) - apparenlty people also know him as Paul MacMillan, I believe the handle some form of reference to the band "New Order". I named my computer Floyd.
  • TexasApexDeveloper Tony Miller (6k) - who has one of the best  LinkedIn profile photos I've ever seen.
  • ACE Directors Denes Kubicek & Roel Hartman (5k+) - the former has an extensive sample application, the latter has blogged some interesting posts integrating APEX with all sorts of valuable stuff - recently mobile related.
On a side note, it's interesting how different forums attempt measure people and the value of their responses - apparently stackoverflow also has dejectors regarding it's system.

For those who are not regulars on the forum, I do recommend it. Either by reading and/or participating, you will learn tricks regarding SQL, PL/SQL, jQuery, CSS, dynamic actions, plug-ins, version differences and general coding techniques.

It's also just to see what people are talking about - you might just skim through the headers and open a topic that relates to something you've just been working on.

I truly do enjoy helping others, which is probably why I get a kick out of training. And while I feel I'm learning from these forums - I'm also glad I'm contributing to the greater community in helping people build better (APEX) applications.

nanos gigantum humeris insidentes

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