Thursday 13 March 2014

Australian 2014 Oracle Conference series suggestions

This morning the kind folks at AUSOUG sent me an e-mail asking who I'd like to see present which topics at the Perth/Melbourne conferences in November this year.

To perhaps help get you started, I thought I'd mention who I submitted - in part as a hint to those nominees that there is at least one person who would like to see you present in Austraila this year.

The survey asks for 2 Australian/2 international/2 topics for DB/Dev/EBus - our typical program spread.


  • Connor McDonald - he's like the little bit of sugar that helps the medicine go down - a must have at every event.
  • Yury Velikanov - I enjoy his passion, though I don't always understand his topics - but we're there to learn, right?
  • Arup Nunda - I've always enjoyed his blog, but never seen him present. I'm sure it would be quality.
  • Tim Hall - in Australia we might call him a cheeky b-st-rd - but here that's a term of endearment. Surely he's got nothing better to do than come over? ;-)
I'd be happy with anything tuning or technical talks on 12 features & concepts.


  • Mark Lancaster - always pushes my boundaries with APEX use, bring it on.
  • Jeff Kemp - He's got my kinda topics, plain & simple
  • Martin Giffy D'Souza - I see him once in Melbourne and would like to repeat the experience.
  • Patrick Wolf - APEX use down under is growing fast, and I'm sure everyone down here would like to see what he has to say.
Can't go past APEX content, particular version 5 stuff. 
Anything PL/SQL is a treat these days - new fodder in 12c...


I have no particular interest in this area, so I'll just say Phil Robinson - and anything he'd like to present.!

But I tell you what, it was tough pinning it down to just 2 people!

You can find the survey here


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