Tuesday 5 July 2011

Learning SQL?

Sometimes I hit the "Explore" link in Google Reader, I encounter some interesting an amusing things - kinda like using iTunes Genius but for web pages that suit your RSS interests.

I stumbled across this blog listing free SQL books - as he says, not all of them Oracle, but worth a look.

I thought the OracleXE tutorial was well constructed - great for beginners trying to tinker with a locally installed Oracle database.

Not too long ago I created a small document detailing the installation process and basic configuration for OracleXE 11g Beta on a Windows box, which can be found here. I just hadn't got around to publishing it in any form.

If I can convince my laptop to open an EPUB file, I might even be able to comment on the SQL Performance Explained e-book. (nope, while writing this I tried a few avenues, but my patience has been lost)



Doug Case said...

Have you tried Calibre?

If that doesn't work, you can upload and read ePub files online here:

Scott Wesley said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Doug. Calbire did the trick, I'll have a read through the book later.