Monday 4 July 2011

Integrating Oracle APEX with EBS

Recently I was e-mailed a white paper from David Peake suggesting how to integrate Oracle Application Express with E-Business Suite.

It was an interesting read, so I googled the partial document name to find what else has been said about it, and to find the link for this post

David Peake announced the white paper, of course - being the author.
Steven Chan also announced it the paper.

It's been a fair while since I had to communicate with EBS. The coding examples took me back a few years, but one of the examples made me think about plug-in changes coming in APEX 4.1 - I wonder if the authorization methods will be modified to use an authorization plug-in?

David did suggest they will modify the document in future with the latest improvements. Time will tell...

Yet another sign that Oracle is fully committed to Apex as another primary option for development.


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