Thursday 6 August 2015

APEX 5.0 Change page in Search bar

One of my favourite features in APEX 4.x was the search bar, often not actually for searching but for opening another page by typing the page number, particularly coming from shared components.
APEX 4.x application search
 For a while I thought I'd lost that feature, since I was expecting to be able to type into were the page number is reported (when in shared components), but you just need to type the page number where the magnifying glass is.
Magnifying glass, top left - that's the search
As innovative as the search bar is for finding content, I do find it a little disconcerting how it jumps left everytime I click in there and start typing. And it doesn't seem like a natural place to click? Not when the page number is nearby with a teasing possibility of edit. Darn you contrast.

Type page number here to go direct to that page

I miss the next/previous buttons from the navigation bar, but it does look a little full.


David said...

Bonus feature: you can search for app:page to switch applications as well, or app:s to jump to an application's shared items page.

Scott Wesley said...

Well isn't that a little bit of terrific.