Tuesday 4 August 2015

APEX blogger from Iran

At Kscope I felt geographically isolated, but I was impressed with all the second language speakers attending.

I can only speak one language, and some would argue I don't do well at that - but people were presenting in a language foreign to their native tongue! Kudos.

The Internet I see and view is predominantly English, and no doubt my search results are skewed accordingly. Occasionally I'll find some bloggers in another language and in the days of "translate this page", I have no problems reading them - just be careful with code translation.

Speaking of that link, that was a German post by Carsten Czarski. Through the Official APEX Linkedin group I found Mahdi Ahmadi from Iran. I understand he writes in Persian, and his recent post describes an APEX app that looks superb for database monitoring. He's arranging to release it on Github, but I also hope he talks with Martin D'Souza about getting it on OraOpenSource.
Dashboard Monitoring iranapex.ir
Mahdi's blog name leaves it pretty clear what's going on:

I thought I should give him a shout-out due to the English language bias. Though based on his LinkedIn connections, you've all probably met him already!

And I'm stuck here, down under ;p

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Steven Feuerstein said...

Wow! That is an impressive looking app. Nice that he is going to share it.