Monday 31 August 2015

APEX 5 Verify Theme Subscription

I was attempting to replicate the navigation bar example from the Opportunity Tracker application and I noticed my application was missing icons from the sub list dropping off the username.
Icons in submenu when visible
Here are the relevant User Interface settings for the Navigation Bar.

User Interface settings
It turns out in newly created application with Theme 42 the following is used as the sublist entry template
<li data-current="true" data-icon="#ICON_CSS_CLASSES#"><a href="#LINK#">#TEXT_ESC_SC#</a></li>

In my application that was created a few weeks ago uses
<li><a href="#LINK#">#TEXT_ESC_SC#</a></li>

So this is when I thought it might be worth giving the Verify Theme Refresh option a go.
Sure enough a bunch of templates, including the Navigation Bar, was "Out of Sync" instead of "Match"
Verify Theme Subscription

I followed the on-screen instructions as the documentation suggested, and waited with baited breath as to what to do next...

Nothing! A message came back saying my theme was synchronised and every template matched the theme master that lives in the Oracle domain somewhere.

I tried the Verify theme option previously but it does not seem to operate well in
ORA-00040: active time limit exceeded - call aborted
Not sure if this is a shared server thing or something is actually wrong.

At the end of the day this shows an advantage of running the Universal Theme - updates and corrections can come from Oracle at any time.

I guess we'll learn any disadvantages as time goes by, such as any JavaScript or CSS changes that affect your usage of the relevant template.

Also see UT migration guide.

Note: December 2017
Pre-release of 5.1 - Upgrading Universal Theme

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