Monday 24 August 2015

APEX 5 Source Used attribute - tolerating less mistakes

If you've upgraded to APEX 5 and find yourself with an error complaining about the 'Source Used' attribute:
then you should thank APEX 5 for finding (and no longer tolerating) a logic bug in your application.

APEX 5 - correcting your applications

Track down that field and set the Source Used attribute to 'Always, replacing any existing value in session state'.

On a side note, setting the application's Compatability Mode to 4.2 will also fix the problem, but in this case certainly not the appropriate solution. But this means by setting this attribute to 5.0 on your existing applications can help find these problems in the first place.

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Anonymous said...

The fetch row process is the best idea in the worst implementation. Not that it does not work, but it is so limited that you can't load 2 rows from the same table. Also, you have no access to the data coming from the database until after the rendering. What a joke. And now, after creating a far superior implementation where we kept the use of the same field because it's self explanatory, we have to stay stuck with 4.1 compatibility mode, because incompetent programmers or non-programmers don't know how to code. This ridiculous.