Saturday 13 June 2015

Washington memorials

I'm no patriot, and I'm certainly not American.

I'm somewhat of a pacifist, but I appreciate the efforts of the brave in years past. I certainly felt an urge to to shake the hands of some of the aging veterans we saw as we passed the WWII memorial.

What moved me most, however, was walking through the Lincoln memorial.

There was some amazing prose on those walls. Considered words, unbiased by the various media of today.

It surprised me how much it touched me. As we walked towards it I thought about a joke I could share with friends upon discovering it wasn't a statue of an ape sitting up there.

But as we walked towards the elevator and read the history, then walked out towards the statue it commands respect.

I was familiar with much of it already, but to see the memorial first hand I really came to appreciate the hurdles overcome by those in our history. I recommend it.

Kudos, cousins.

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