Saturday 13 June 2015


Boston is a nice city, smaller than expected but full of culture.

The weather was great for us and we took one of the Duck tours which took off from right outside our hotel.
From out piggy tumblr
We don't get much in the way of American history in Australian schools, and most of what I know comes from movies or general interest. We had an amazing character driving our duck, a fella named Tim Burr. He was Canadian, loved his sport and his adopted town of Boston. What an amazing history this town has.

We also met up with someone we only knew from some facebook game Tracey played years ago, such is the weird world we live in. He ended up being great and after a cruisy lunch at Hard Rock (I'm still cut they played Rihanna at one point) we taxied, trained, and walked a great distance through some pleasant locations (bar one set of smelly train station elevators).

I didn't hear too many iconic accents, but our friend laid it thick a few times and we drank plenty of warta.

Next stop - Washington.

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