Thursday 17 June 2010

It's a great time to learn about PL/SQL!

Yesterday I talked about a few good links I've seen for people who are interested in or want to learn more about Apex. Another good place to start is documentation.

Today I thought I'd offer some of the developer blogs that have stimulated my interest recently.

I think it was through Tom Kyte that I found Seth's blog. This entry about deadlines typifies his style - concise thought experiments to make you think about either your work or home life, however you'd like to apply it.

Tom also mentioned if you're in contact with 11g, it's simply amazing some of the neat little features popping up. You may only use these once in a blue moon, but if you're aware of it, I bet sometimes you're proud how elegant it is.

Even if you're not yet in reach of 11g, it doesn't hurt to learn about it in places such as the PL/SQL Challenge (but don't cheat, I think yesterday's question on bulk collect semantics was either aimed at the speed readers or ...) And you can start using these features today with features such as condition compilation.

Speaking of Steven, here's his new presentation "Golden Rules for Developers". In the vain of 2nd rule of Fight Club... perhaps an addition I'd like to suggest is "being able to explain your interpretation of the reason why these are golden rules" - especially before you read his presentation, based on the list Eddie Awad summarised.

For the visual people, Jeff Kemp reminded me me of the Volkswagen VW that was photographed with "Feature" as it's number plate. And for a random afternoon quiz, local Gary Myers offered this titbit.

For something deeper, Dutchman Alex Nuijten offered this about a bug bear of mine - implicit data-type conversion, well, how it can impact check constraints. Steven talked about another preach I practice - not using select  * in my code.

It's awesome how much good content there is out there, this just scratches the vast Oracle community.

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