Thursday 1 July 2010

Friday Musings

I think it may have been Tom Kyte that originally got me onto Seth Godin, but Seth's latest post caught my eye. I'm furiously finishing off my latest presentation, while trying (and failing) fire up a HTTP server on my new laptop.

A slide every 12 seconds. 200 slides in all.

I tend to read most of his. They're succinct, precise, thought provoking. Creating a 200 slide presentation for a 40 minute block is quite a feat. I know Connor McDonald to have handed a stunned HR girl an eighty slide presentation for a 5 minute segment. He assured her it will take five minutes. It was a stunning presentation. His conference presentations are deserved winners.

I've tinkered with his style, which he picked up long ago from I can't remember where and made it his own. I've been trying to add in that style in my latest masterpiece, balance it with regular diagrams and code segments - which normally slow things down a touch.

If you can make it...
Apex and Oracle Text - Advanced Indexing Techniques Integrated with Application Express
From 16:15-1800, 14th Julye - Central TAFE, 140 Royal Street, East Perth


Anonymous said...

I remember it well. It was around about the time when this ( was going around. I tried it myself, it is a great way to present and hold an audience's attention.

Scott Wesley said...

Ah ha, Larry Lessig was the man I was thinking of, that perhaps Connor has mentioned in the past. I just watched his TED talk on choking creativity - very interesting.