Wednesday 14 June 2017

Presentation: Dynamic Actions, Javascript, & CSS for APEX Beginners

My first webinar didn't do so well, perhaps my new home will have suitable internet capability, in this "innovate nation" of ours...

My second one on my Boggex game went ok, though the room the locals were in was like an sauna.

My third attempt had it's own set of issues.
1) Ubuntu as an OS doesn't seem to enable broadcasting via GoTo Meeting.
2) The wireless policy in the Oracle building is effective, but not great for hastily setting up a second laptop
3) The navigation keys on Lino's keyboard was just different enough to be disruptive
4) While I use on Chrome's save password feature, I'm pretty confident with most of my APEX passwords. It's the username I was stuffing up on the foreign PC.
5) The think tank at HP thought it would be a good idea to map Aeroplane Mode to F12, so when I proceeded to display the Chrome browser console...

So balance was restored after the first 10 or 15 minutes, which rattled my first attempt at presenting using just an APEX app - no powerpoint/prezi.

Though I think the concept was fine. It's just like training people, jumping between Page Designer and runtime.

I'd give it another go, and it's less presentation prep. I learned a bit from the first session, and explored some layout options while I was at it.

I still baulk a little at the difference between talking with a live crowd, and a community of ears at the other end of my microphone. I wonder if (finally) creating a few more videos will fix that? Once my ultrabook is back from computer hospital, perhaps. In the new house?

As for the topic, I explored dynamic actions, JavaScript and CSS for those trying to understand the fundamentals. It's a favourite topic of mine and I think there are a few basic patterns that get me a long way in creating interactive applications.

No doubt I'll refine these example further, and how to communicate them more concisely. Stay tuned.

I've made the app available here. Please feel free to provide any feedback, either here or through the app.
My favourite page is P50 specifically on Dynamic Actions, probably the most versatile utility within APEX.
If you scroll down you'll see the relevant code I used to sustain an interactive page that doesn't need to submit.
Also look out for things like conditional buttons, conditional colours (foreground and background), APEX behaviour considerations, among others.

If you're in Australia and you'd like training on this topic, I could demonstrate cool stuff for hours ;p
I also aim to get some organisation around github sorted when I get my laptop back, but I've at least put the export here so you can check it out directly.

I hope you learn something new.



Unknown said...

Scott, all webinars have hiccups from time to time, especially when you're just starting. You'll be a pro in no time.

I want to thank you for the great content you've been putting out over the years - great stuff! Your blogs and presentations I've attended (KScope) have been a great help to me personally, and I know the same is true for many others.

Keep up the great work - it's much appreciated.

Scott Wesley said...

Thanks Frank, the technical hiccups will pass, but it may still take a bit to work out what works for web and not live, and vice versa.

Thank you for your kind words. I received a few similar comments from people I got to meet in person for the first time at Kscope15, and it helped my motivation to keep blogging.

That and I learn myself from the process, and have a reference for later ;p

Jochen said...

Thank you for sharing Scott.
Definitely one of the more interesting sample apps on the web.
And i like it how the UI looks pretty although just using Universal theme.

Scott Wesley said...

I did try my best to stay within the realms of UT & showcase it a little, without creating too much inconsistency.

They're all interesting in their own way, I'm also aiming for functional. ;p