Wednesday 25 March 2015

Why I can't do webinars

This is why I can't do webinars from my current home.

Ookla Speed Test Result

The upload speed is no doubt way too slow to cater for voice and screencast. Unfortunately I also seem to be in quite the dead spot for 4G wireless connection.

Download speed might be enough to support the streaming services recently launched in Australia, but I know ABC's iView does stutter occasionally so I think I'll still have to wait for the NBN. I'll probably have moved house by then...


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain brother! Crazy thing, even in the CBD my 4G is only getting 10.45Mbps down / 8.91Mbps up; whereas a year ago I was getting 20+Mbps.

Connor McDonald said...

Yup...pretty much you have to resort to something like Camtasia, ie, record the session and then upload to youtube.

Scott Wesley said...

I was going to look for a tool later in the year, maybe an Ubuntu friendly one ;p
I'm keen to do some short APEX 5 videos, as well as record voiceover for past presentations.