Tuesday 11 October 2016

OTN Appreciation Day : APEX Dynamic Actions

I'm going to take advantage of the fact I live in a city so remote to many others in this amazing community, and schedule this post for my local 8am time. It's seems my schedule didn't work. Not the first fail from blogger... This might get me as one of the first posts in what's hopefully an interesting day amongst Oracle bloggers.

Tim Hall, a great producer of resources for Oracle technologists, suggested bloggers new and old post about their favourite feature, in appreciation for the professional network that is OTN.

I nominated APEX Dynamic Actions for sake of brevity in the subject line, and while they are pretty awesome as a whole, it does encompasses a range of sub-component features.

So I want to be more specific than that, I nominate the jQuery Selector attribute.

One of my favourite features
I could have selected one of a bunch of SQL functions (listagg, nvl2) or some PL/SQL features (%TYPE), or maybe something rarer like Oracle Text, but this one is a little more important to me.

For me it's a bridge between the Oracle world and the native web page we are generating.

With this attribute specifically, we can nominate, with precision, a component on the page and attach some event handler. We can make the web page communicate with the database.

Understanding how this feature operates I found like a gateway to building more interactive applications.

I looked back and it started with a post like this in 2012:
And took me so far as to write a book combining jQuery with APEX:
(apparently chapter 9 has finally been corrected, more detail later)

Learning about this feature and further steering my career in an interesting direction required a community that blogged, participated in forums, tweeted, slacked, attended user group events, presented, networked, authored, and so on.

Giving also helps you learn. I do a little bit every now and then on the forums, and now I'm deemed a "legend". I read, watch interactions from interesting questions, and occasionally contribute. It helps in both directions, it's awesome, and it adds up. Same goes for presenting. A topic choice for next year is helping me learn what I need to keep my skills up to date.


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