Thursday 13 October 2016

Connect2016 - Australian Conference Series

It's less than a month away from the Australian conference series and I'm probably about 2 thirds ready for my sessions.

Australia? Yup, the Perth gig will be on 7-8 Nov and the fun continues in Melbourne on 10-11 Nov 2016.

Check out, then think about that junket. Jokes aside, events like these are the best place to chat to people about Oracle technology, with plenty of sessions to allow you to stay sane while considering what challenges others are facing. I know times are hard but the price is reasonable, and there is more to just the program.

Sessions I've got my eye on include:

"Evolving APEX Development Practices" - Mark Lancaster, title alone grabs me.

"User Experience (UX): Building Usable Applications – Why and How" - Basheer Khan, as an APEX developer I'm finding UX very interesting, when I can indulge.

"APEX, RESTful Services and STRIPE" - Lino Schildenfeld, I have plenty to learn about web services.
Lino is also doing "APEX Plugins - World of possibilities", and I'm keen to hear his perspective on this.

"Transition to Cloud - Should we or shouldn't we?"" - Howard Ong, I have a feeling I should listen to this.

"Next Generation Databases" - Guy Harrison, I know this one will be infotainment goodness.

And Connor McDonald will treat us with some 12.2 goodness, and my director has one on BI Visualisations, lessons direct from a recent project.

I have the following sessions:
"Mastering Dynamic Actions" - ready!
"APEX 5.1 Charts with OracleJET" - researched... mostly.

In Perth I'll be joining other Sage colleagues called "Our Kitchen Rules" and I'll have 10 minutes to cover a topic of my choosing - ready!

I have another couple of ideas ready for next year, too.

I'll be on both legs so it will be particularly awesome to see everyone on the east coast.

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