Friday 6 May 2016

APEX Survey Results: Which versions have you experienced?

Following up from the results on when you started learning APEX, here is question 2 from my 2015 survey.

Note that questions such as this offered the respondent to choose multiple selections, hence a count much higher than 192.

Q2: Which versions have you experienced?

I think it's fair to say that most of the 2.x respondents might also be part of the third that said they started prior to 2007.

I started in 3.x, and still have a client to this day on that version, despite the fact it's no longer supported.

No doubt if we asked the question today, the responses for 5.0 would be far higher. And we could almost ask about 5.1 and the goodies it will bring.

On reflection, I don't miss 4.x. Page Designer in 5.0 has been fantastically more productive. I also think the Universal Theme is a great idea that I haven't sunk my teeth right into yet. The upgrade to 5.1 should really put it's new life cycle to the test. I think this post will come in handy.

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