Thursday 3 July 2014

Thursday Thought - History & Creativity

My sister sent me this video not long after my daughter was born earlier this year - I finally watched it while cleaning up e-mails and I'm glad I did - I highly recommend you all take 2 minutes aside and just let these images of history wash through your brain.

If you think the first half had an air of familiarity, you might be thinking of this video from Carl Sagan - I certainly was.

Now consider this was a project by a 17 year old at high school. This is the kind of creativity technology kids are creating at school now - awesome.

Note in the about section of the video he states he doesn't own rights to the images or song - if you think laws can sometimes strangle creativity then you might be interested in this TED talk by Larry Lessig.

If you like the video, and like the concept of looking back through time as life on this planet evolved - there is a great segment in one of my favourite fiction books that explores this concept - The Light of Other Days, by two science fiction greats Arthur C Clarke & Stephen Baxter.


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