Wednesday 18 June 2014

APEX 5 EA 2 is almost upon us

KScope14 is just days away from kicking off and hours after I realised the live stream of Patrick Wolf's APEX 5.0 Page Designer presentation was actually at a reasonable Perth hour (9:30pm), I found out I wasn't going to be home to watch it - darn it!

Luckily in this age of the internet there are other reasons to get excited. Tonight while I continued to write my Prezi on how APEX 5 will make us former Forms developer's even happier - I couldn't log in and I found the login page has been updated to what looks like a very sleek Flat UI.

Flat UI is a modern design that has many merits, but I always wonder if it's just another passing phase. Here is another interesting article that includes a chat about the limits of Flat UI, and also includes a great pictoral comparison of Flat vs skeuomorphism.

I thought it might be worth plugging the contrasting designs into google trends to see what's going on, but I don't think it reflect the true history of skeuomorphism.

I'd say the searches on skeuomorphism are probably related to describing what the former technique meant in relation to Flat UI.

Anyhoo, APEX 5 Early Adopter 2 is on it's way, and I'd say expect no stone left unturned!


Anonymous said...

I hope that the ugly and not very reader friendly flat UI will be over and out in a year or two :-) Beeing 55 (and not eye impaired) - I do have trouble working all day with ie Word 2013, Apex 5 and other grey on white interfaces. Reverted back to word 2010 for the same reason.

The least they could have done way adding a theme roller (cant find it - just DL'ed the 5.x this week, so bear with me if it is there somewhere)

Scott Wesley said...

Yeah, I miss the higher contrast. It also makes writing printed manuals difficult. I think I'll be writing some CSS rules to add to my chrome extension.

Anonymous said...

If you do :-)

Please make it available to the public.
I dont know how to do the CSS stuff - but would like to learn


Scott Wesley said...

It's got blog post written all over it.