Wednesday 25 June 2014

For those not at Kscope14

Geographical, monetary or otherwise - some of us simply can't make it to the conference every Oracle developer should do at least once, or so I've heard.

For those of us stuck at home we do have some options.

1) ODTUG offers a LiveStream of selected presentations. 

I stayed up past my bedtime to watch Patrick Wolf introduce the APEX 5.0 Page Designer. I look forward to watching the recording of Shakeeb Rahman on Beautiful UI in APEX 5.0. I've heard great things on the twitterverse about it, and I want to learn more about the Template Options feature.

2) Keep an eye out for ODTUG webinars.

Unfotunately Martin D'Souza had to cut his Kscope14 trip short, so his presentation on Logger will hopefully appear in the reasonably near future - among other quality the tends to come by.

3) Search for the #kscope14 hashtag

Even if you're not on Twitter you can still view a bunch of information coming out of the conference using the hashtag #kscope14. Despite all the ribbing hashtags get (thank you, instagram) they are a great indexing tool in Twitter. There seems to be plenty of socialising and beer drinking going on, but plenty of tech news coming out as well.

4) Attention Perth residents

If you happen to live in my home town of Perth, at the Oracle offices on morning of the 23rd July I'll also be presenting on the APEX 5.0 Page Designer - helping to jumpstart the learning curve to the new release and show the local Oracle Forms community how much of an advantage they'll have with the new APEX environment.

If all goes well, I hope to meet many Kscope regulars next year in Florida!

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