Wednesday 21 May 2014

Applying the APEX 4.2.3 patch

My experience patching Oracle APEX v4.2.1 to 4.2.3 on my Windows 7 laptop.


Personally my main driver for this is to experience the updated themes and templates. I'd also like to explore the packaged applications and see if any of the dynamic PL/SQL regions have been converted to templates.

I already had 4.2.1 installed and before the patch was available to me I thought I'd try running scripts on the full download of 4.2.3

It turns out if you attempt the apxpatch.sql script you get
ORA-39702: database not open for UPGRADE or DOWNGRADE

If you run the apxins.sql
Error: This version of Application Express is already installed (APEX_040200).

So you kinda need to use the patch. If I had more time and a virtual machine ready I would see if it were possible to revert to 4.1, then upgrade.


First I closed my APEX Listener stand-alone console, preventing myself from playing with APEX in the meantime.

I'm still running on Oracle 11g XE, so I run the non-CDB option (referring to 12c container databases)
This means I unzip the patch to my c:\apex4.2.3 folder.

I then open a cmd window, change directory to that folder and run SQL*Plus as SYSDBA, then run the patch script.
cd \apex4.2.3
sqlplus sys as sysdba

While that was running I need to manage the images folder. For me I decided this meant copying custom content from c:\apex4.2\images to my new c:\apex4.2.3 folder.
This was a /sage folder that houses my training supplementary files
I also decided it was time to create a /scott folder to store my nick-nacks I play with, instead of dumping that in the root /images folder.
I didn't have anything under /themes I needed to transfer.

This means I modify my start_listener.bat file that launches APEX Listener stand-alone to
cd c:\apex_listener2.0.1\
java -jar apex.war standalone --apex-images \apex4.2.3\images

The next thing I did was open a browser tab to see what the latest APEX Listener version was - and if there's anything that would compel me to upgrade.

After all that, the patch script finished in 28 minutes (on my laptop), and I was ready to restart my listener and log in.

I initially had a blank page with a bunch of resource GET errors - but then I realised I had a typo in the path of my start listener batch file.

At runtime, there is a difference in the developer toolbar - can't we just leave these things alone? ;-)
Difference spotted between 4.2.1 and 4.2.3
Bring on APEX5.

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