Wednesday 14 May 2014

APEX 4.2 Application builder icon size

A common bug-bear for me is the large distance on web pages between the browser toolbar and the start of any real content on the page.

I remember providing feedback during a tryapexnow beta release on the issue

Gimme content without scrolling!
I can't expect too much - while news websites are frequent offenders for this, newpapers have also been doing it for years.
Pravda 1912
Today I (re?)discovered how to make these buttons smaller - by accident, while clicking between windows.
This was on

It rings a vague bell...
Some developers may prefer it. Some developers just do this
Samsung physical monitor rotation
I've finally go the opportunity to try it - I've always preferred height to width.
It's great for APEX and my text editor, but there is still software that works better in landscape - Balsamiq for instance.

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