Tuesday 22 October 2013

APEX 101 - Set region title on page load

I saw a forum post recently asking how to dynamically change the region title.

This is a little ambiguous - is this dynamic to the value set in APEX meta-data, or dynamic as a result of user events on the page?

Here is the instructions for the former:

1) Create new hidden item called P6_REGION_TITLE. I placed it on the same region as my form items.

2) Create a computation for this item Before Header, with perhaps a SQL expression like
Region title computation
This extends the concept of Pn_MODE demonstrated in my sample application, discussed in this tutorial. You could also interrogate Pn_ID to determine if reading an existing record or creating a new one.
WHEN 'R' THEN 'View employee'
WHEN 'E' THEN 'Edit employee'

3) Modify the region title to

When the page renders, the region title will be set relevant to the edit mode.

Here is a post how to modify the title after the page has rendered - often useful for modal dialogs or master/detail pages.


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Anonymous said...

I tried but it is not working.