Monday 11 March 2013

Perth AUSOUG Breakfast March 27

I'd like to encourage all Perth AUSOUG members to come join us for breakfast at the West Perth Oracle offices on Wednesday March 27.

If you missed Connor McDonald in February you can make up for it with a double header with a focus on "why upgrade?"

11 reasons to standardise on Database 11gR2 
Mark Randell - Oracle

With the announcement of Database 12c at OpenWorld 2012, many people are holding back upgrading their database environments until they evaluate the latest Oracle Database release. However, with 12c introducing major architectural changes, 11gR2 will continue to be recommended as the version with the ideal combination of features, performance and stability. Now is a perfect opportunity to upgrade legacy deployments of Oracle Database to 11gR2, and benefit from the performance improvements and new core features/options, while also providing a newer base to transition to 12c in future. This session will cover 11 reasons why you should (and how you can) upgrade to 11gR2.

Reasons why you should upgrade your APEX environment - Discover how APEX 4.x makes your life easier
Scott Wesley - SAGE Computing Services

Unless you truly pick things apart, version numbers don't proffer much to explain the differences between product releases. 
Over time with Application Express I have taken note of the differences, and I might suggest you'd barely call APEX 4.2 even the same species as 3.2 - it has evolved fantastically!
For instance, we've seen the introduction of Dynamic Actions, Plug-ins, support for mobile, improved security - all of which lead to improved productivity, more user friendly applications and ongoing support.

We'll explore the growing tree that is Application express with a relatively unique presentation style -and we'll will climb it all the way to the canopy, exposing what's ahead with APEX 5.

DBAs will gain awareness, Development Managers will get ideas, Business Analysts will see options, and Developers can get some details.

RSVP using this link or e-mail Kevin Payne.

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