Tuesday 28 August 2012

SQL Developer 3.2 prepares to connect to the cloud

Have you downloaded SQL Developer 3.2 yet? check this out:

sql developer cloud connections
I guess Oracle Open World will have a few announcements this year...

I'm not going, but I find solace in that I'll be at the AFL grand final this year - which is the day before.
At least I know Pearl Jam is eliminated from the list of acts for the grand final - still to be announcement.

How long before someone jokes about connecting to "heaven" as a cloud connection? ;-)


Dominic Brooks said...

No need to wait until OOW, go to https://cloud.oracle.com

Scott Wesley said...

Looks like a bit has changed there than last time I looked - I have been out of touch for a while - catching up on some interesting updates in my blog feeder.