Friday 17 August 2012

2012 Perth Conference Abstracts

Just a quick note - abstract submissions for the 2012 AUSOUG Perth Conference have been extended to the 27th August... just say'n.

Head here for more info

In other news, Penny & I will be at the Insync conference next week. I'm on Wednesday afternoon - but I think my different presentation technique should keep you sustained after the lunchtime feast. Not sure when Penny is, but be sure to seek us out and say hello. We look forward to seeing friends and meeting new ones.

If you're on twitter, I'll leave the green pigs up so keen an eye out for them @swesley_perth
And I'm sure @InSyncEvent will liven up shortly.
I might have some pigs with me, but they'll certainly be at the booth in Perth.

Also check out for the Western Australian Oracle User Group twitter feed - be gentle, it's still learning

Anyone considering attending, consider this - 2 day 5 stream Oracle conference, third day Real World Performance with Tom Kyte, Andrew Holdsworth and Graham Wood. Speakers at the conference will include local regulars Penny Cookson, Connor McDonald, Chris Muir (& myself), plus some of those not native to the Australian continent. We will announce those as we confirm them.

Plenty going on with the user group over next next few months. Wednesday's breakfast double header was a success - well done Anita, Kevin & Andi.
Another interesting topic next month by Jeff Kemp, plus I saw a few e-mails announcing other events. Get involved!


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