Tuesday 18 October 2011

Updates to the AUSOUG Conference schedule

Some of you may have received an e-mail today from the AUSOUG conference manager regarding some examples of new sessions included in the line-up.

This year we've been lucky in that we haven't had to make many adjustments to the program due to issues like international speakers having visa problems. Last week however we had a bit of rearranging to do to fit in the new sessions without creating conflicts.

There haven't been too many adjustments, most of them just different times on the same day - but I know some of you out there only come for the one day, and often select which day based on particular sessions. You might want to visit the conference program page to check out the latest changes, as of 17th October.

If you haven't looked at the line-up for a while, you may notice at 1:45pm on the second day there is a panel discussion titled "Presenting: from novice to expert - How your user group can improve your career"

Our panel members will be

  • Debra Lilley
  • Chris Muir
  • Connor McDonald
  • Penny Cookson
  • Tim Hall
And Vinod Patel has kindly accepted to be the ring leader keeping them all in line ;-)
Vinod is also talking to Oracle WA to have a representative from Oracle up there as well.

I'm currently sorting out the agenda with Yury Velikanov, who has just started a LinkedIn and Facebook group for the Perth conference. He's also started a discussion to accept any questions you might like to put to the panel. If you submit them now, we can better prepare for the day and have a better chance of your question being answered. We want to make the session as interactive as we can, and eke out as much advice from our experts as possible!
If you can't make it to the conference, but have a good question you think should put to the group, feel free to post it anyway so others may benefit. I'll comment about the session after the conference and I might be able to share any wealth I can remember.

If the panel isn't your thing, we have an alternative session on that time slot by Bryan Frew from Oracle. He will be talking about an interesting case study on Business Process Management (BPM).

Other additions include
  • Graham Wood on Exadata - You may have seen him as part of the trio at the Real World Performance day post-Insync. He'll give us a much closer look at what's involved in constructing an Exadata environment. This will be in lieu of Graham's hidden features presentation.
  • Yury Velikanov - This fellow is back from Oracle Open World, and since there have been all sorts of big announcements from Oracle, we've substituted one of his more appropriate & timely presentations in.
  • Chris Muir on ADF - If you want to know anything about ADF, Chris is the man to talk to. He is an ACE director for the product, and we now have a second presentation to include from him. He's first presentation on day one will introduce ADF and it's strategic & practical use in our industry; then he'll follow it up on day two with an architectural blueprint on application delivery. Chris is currently instrumental in a large Forms -> JDeveloper migration in Perth. You can find commentary on this here.
Never fear, though - I'm still due to present my chat on options for security in Apex 4.1 first up on day two. I won't be using boring old powerpoint, so come by to check out something a little different ;-)


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