Thursday, 8 September 2011

APEX performance presentation

At the Insync conference in Sydney I experimented with a different presentation technique.

I've forgotten already where I stumbled across it - might have even been somewhere on twitter - but it's called Prezi. I did have a fear that I would instill motion sickness onto my audience, but after some initial feedback with a prototype I decided to go for it.

My topic was Oracle APEX Performance, and I originally presented it as a powerpoint slide deck at last year's AUSOUG conference in Perth (Nov 3-4 2011, btw).

So I updated and converted it to the Prezi format, which can be found here:

A link to the PDF version of my powerpoint display can be found here. Yes, in writing that it does seem a little strange, I'm not sure why I didn't publish the PPTx version - not that there would be much difference.

I certainly learned a few things from the experience - things that worked and things that didn't. I have plenty of visual ideas for the topic I'm doing in November, to try and further embrace the prezi style instead of thinking "slides".

I don't think the technique will work for everyone. Connor certainly has a unique style, similar to Larry Lessig and further pioneered in IT by Dick Hardt. A great write up can be found here. If you've never seen Connor present, you must make it happen. He makes powerpoint his own and will rip through a zillion slides in less than one hour - and you'll come out very much entertained!

I don't think Connor could adapt his slick style to the prezi format, and I think many technical presentations would be difficult to translate. I found when converting my original presentation I had trouble "forgetting" the powerpoint way of thinking. I think when I do my next one, since it will be fresh I'll be able to plan the layout a little better and provide something more fresh & creative. I found myself jotting ideas down as I listened to people speak at Insync. It will be on APEX 4.1 security.

If you come along to our Perth conference you can experience it first hand! ;-)

Now, to start writing it...


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