Friday 9 September 2011

Oracle in pop culture

Twice this week I noticed Oracle mentioned in a web comic.

The first was Dilbert joking about the patent infringements amongst all the major companies at the moment - of which you could probably find a zillion info-graphics looking like this these days. I think Scott Adams had a flaw in the middle frame however - there is no way Google, Apple, Microsoft and Oracle would join forces. Oracle & Microsoft alone are justification for that - evidence in that the Windows version of SQL*Plus is no longer available from 11g, and SQL Developer is as portable as my Android phone.

What I did enjoy however was this from BonkersWorld.
Having just come from an Oracle conference, the comparison of more power for less cost seems spot on! Mind you, the other vendors seem well represented also. Looking through the archives, I found another suggesting Oracle will just sue you if necessary - I think perhaps they might buy you out!

Nothing quite so simple as this though, comparing computer updates for Apple, Windows & Mac.

My question for you is - have you seen Oracle mentioned in a web-comic or something similar and you think it's worth a giggle? Please comment below.


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