Thursday 18 November 2010

Final days before the 2010 AUSOUG conference

This blog has been a little neglected as I've been a busy little bee recently, mainly fretting about getting my presentation completed for next week's Australian Oracle User Group Conference - AUSOUG 2020. I have plenty of ideas lined up for post topics, so I should be more active come the next few weeks.

As for the conference, SAGE Computing Services (my employer) will have an exhibition booth, so why don't you come by and say hello to our team. We will have a few things to give away plus some prizes to win - but make sure you bring your thinking caps because we're going to make you work for them!

I'll be joining the rest of the user group committee in Burswood on Sunday night just to make sure everything is good to go - including perhaps that I did the right thing setting up for a wide-screen projector. We should have a good turn out, although humbling in comparison to some of the overseas gigs, I hear.

Some of us are scheduled to present:
  • Penny Cookson - Meet the CBO in Version 11g
    • 11:30am 22nd Nov 2010
  • Scott Wesley - 'n' methods to improve Apex performance
    • 3:15pm 22nd Nov 2010
  • Ray Tindall - Active Directory Integration - AD, WLS & ADF in Harmony
    • 9:45pm 23rd Nov 2010
  • Chris Muir - A change is as good as a REST: JDeveloper 11g's REST web services
    • 11:00am 23rd Nov 2010
  • Penny Cookson - A Path to the Future for Dinosaur Nerds: JDeveloper ADF - A Mind Map for Forms Developers
    • 3:45pm 23rd Nov 2010
The conference program can be subject to change, so check on the day to ensure you don't miss out!

So unless the schedule's changed on me, I'll probably be at the following sessions:

  • Steven Feuerstein - Golden Rules for Developers
  • Penny Cookson - Meet the CBO in Version 11g
  • Howard Ong - Make your legacy application live forever
  • Scott Wesley (won't want to miss this one!) - Apex Performance
  • Jeff Kemp - Oracle Apex Themes and Templates
    • (but sorry Jeff, I may find myself at Mogens Nørgaard - Oracle Licencing)
  • Damien Bootsma - Database performance made easy
  • Tom Kyte - The Best Way
  • Stuart Long Keynote - Cloud Services Automation (CSA)
  • Guy Harrison Keynote - Technology trends impacting Oracle professionals
  • Connor McDonald - Managing optimiser statistics
  • Frank Bommarito - Outlines, Profiles, SQL Plan Baselines

Yes, my selection is very much weighted towards Oracle performance this year. Nothing wrong with having a theme...

Please do come by our booth if you are also after training information, we train around Australia all year round and cover a wide range of Oracle topics. We can also customise the content to suit your organisation - talk to us to find out more. If you can make it to the conference, contact us on-line.

For you conference goers, if I don't see you anywhere amongst all of that, no doubt we'll all be with a beer at the welcome reception from 5pm (oh, I'll be at the AUSOUG AGM first - save me some beer)

Speakers, committee members, exhibitors et al. - listen out for details regarding dinner on Tuesday night, it's always a great night. I may be there... but it's my & Tracey's first wedding anniversary that day ;-)


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