Thursday 10 October 2019

OGB Appreciation Day : Oracle Reports Server Queue Monitoring

Today is a day to celebrate what's great about our Oracle 'Groundbreakers' community. Our favourite stuff, what we're learning, horror stories, or just a little thanks.

I missed the second year because of holiday prep - so I decided to beat that this year by writing this the day I saw Tim's call-out on Twitter. Especially since I'm flying out to Melbourne for AUSOUG Connect, plus a little R&R.

I knew I had a few worthy ideas queued up, but I pondered for a moment on the most recent idea I noted.

So this year I'm going a little meta, or recursive, if you will - I'm acknowledging one of the posts from the original year. Oracle Reports Server Job Queue Monitoring. Thanks, Garth.

I wouldn't call this a duplicate post, rather a re-inforcement of this blog-fest, and I add some APEX spice.

I'm not entirely sure how I came across Garth's post, but I'm certain if it wasn't there, I wouldn't have realised I could transform that trusty but transient report queue servlet into table data in 3 easy steps.

A reliable page, but a little dated

And once they're in the database, we can APEX the shit out of it.

Now we can fold this data into awesomness

As Garth details in a second post, and Doc ID 2098657.1, it's a relatively simple matter of
  1. DCL to define table owner
  2. DDL to define some objects
  3. Minor Report Server configuration
Now we can query rw_server_queue to see how many of which reports were executed each day by who.

Why would we want to do this? It's 2019, why am I blogging about an Oracle Reports feature?
So we can analyse reports usage in the legacy system before migrating to AOP, of course!

You can also find the relevant SQL here, to make it easier for some of us to find & utilise.

So that's now two #ThanksOGB references in one, illustrating how worthy participation in such an even can be.

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