Thursday 18 July 2019

Lessons from Kscope19

The vague afterglow of Kscope continues. After the long trip home, I had a few days to give the brain a debrief, make some notes & ideas, before heading off for a family holiday.
Now after a Strange Things 3 binge, I wanted to finally bust out some posts I've drafted on Kscope.

I had the privilege of two sessions at Kscope19, and I also found myself sharing the APEX Lunch & Learn panel with some gurus.

Thanks Jayson

While my sessions are available in PDF format through the conference app, the format doesn't translate well. like any Connor PDF, so below I have links to the original format

I've been using Prezi for a while, but I try not to be the nausea inducing Prezi, rather a controlled Slides type, with room for emphasis. I might give Slides a go for next year.

Oracle APEX for Forms Developers

Lesson 1 - Length. 
I knew it was long, I thought I could still create a fast paced morning. Too much content. I know how I need to cut, but doing is always a different story.

It's such an interesting topic, with many ways to approach the transition.

Managing Multiple APEX Applications

Lesson 2 - Preparation
As a speaker, I always have various contingencies in place. For instance, I have my presentation on a thumb drive, and it's also available via URL. I also have spare batteries for my clicker.
When I landed in SF I realised I forgot my power adaptor. The hotel kindly sorted me out on the first night, but sure enough, 5 minutes before I start, I realise my foreign power adaptor was a good 10 minute brisk pace away. 1 hour reported left on the laptop battery, while the CPU fan was busting out decibels? Nice try, how about asking any audience members for magical adaptors before attempting to start?
(Thanks again to the gentleman that sorted me out near the end)

Lesson 3 - Organisation.

It's not all about adequate amperage - I have good content, handy snippets, useful sample applications - that all should be arranged in GitHub. Gotta get organised.

I also have word documents for each presentation that I turned into a PDF for the conference app.
PDF? It's 2019, I should have this on GitHub, with some Markdown cheatsheet stuck to my monitor with my conference swag.

Lesson 4 - Serendipity

Debriefing Kscope has spawned new ideas.

I'm aiming for Boston, and I also like to aim high.


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