Thursday 21 December 2017

ORDS Cross Origin Complaint

A few years ago while upgrading to APEX 5.0, we had a few issues when upgrading ORDS.

My loose understanding is that from about ORDS 3.0.3, it started enforcing some security policy regarding cross-origin requests. The big browsers handle this differently, for instance Chrome returns 403 Forbidden and won't let you log in.

Cunning Chrome Cross Origin Complaint
Amusingly, Edge let me in, even after advising me otherwise. No doubt there is minutiae I do not yet understand.

HTTP403: FORBIDDEN - The server understood the request, but is refusing to fulfill it. (XHR)POST -

It seems depending on what you're trying to accomplish, and your middle tier framework, your problem/solution may be different.

I found these threads brimming with leads
And while writing this post I found one that essentially described our solution

Now most discussions involving proxies are word soup to me, especially when they're described as reverse proxies.
But I think this experienced helped me wrap my head around it. A little.

For us, outside requests got remapped to an internal domain. This effectively meant the domain looked different, and somewhere along the line some bit of software drew the line and said this was a security threat.

However, there is a setting that allows the Proxy Host name to be preserved.
It's aptly named ProxyPreserveHost, or preserveHostHeader, depending on your middle tier kit.
And it's described well here
No complaints since.

So for anyone migrating to ORDS 3.0.3+, perhaps don't lay blame on ORDS for your problems.
There may be some proxy voodoo your network engineer can fix in a jiffy, with that golden screwdriver. Thanks, Harry.

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