Saturday 5 November 2016

APEX 5.1 Chart Column Mapping

If you've played with the D3 chart plugins you can find in the Sample Charts Packaged Application, you may have noticed the ability to nominate a column from your query as the series name.

APEX 5.1 Column Mapping

APEX 5.1 provides this built into the framework. Combined with some rather granular attribute control at series and axis levels, I think it will be harder to find tweaks that haven't been made declarative.

And if you do, there is a section in the chart attributes for JavaScript code. This also means if you do need to start hacking your chart, you're just adding to the existing attributes.

OracleJET Custom JavaScript

Compare this with the XML API for AnyChart 6.x where once you start using XML, say goodbye to most of your declarative attribute settings.

The ability to nominate a series column is optional, bringing more flexibilty to the SQL that no longer needs to conform to positional columns. I'm not sure yet if this will impact how often I use pivot/unpivot, but I'm sure it will help.

This post was brought to you by the result of last minute presentation screenshot prep and a prompt from this tweet, so thank Peter.

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