Friday 9 September 2016

APEX Survey Results: Workspace Activity Log

This question in my 2015 survey relates to built-in instrumentation.

Q7. Do you utilise apex_workspace_activity_log (for monitoring/reporting application usage)?

Yes (90)  47%
No (102) 53%

This log table reports details of all page rendering and AJAX process calls. I really like this information, though I would like to be able to add to the output things such as
sys_context('userenv', 'server_host')

In addition to the Monitoring pages you'll find in the APEX administration section, I've built a few pages that report on this information in my own particular way. This allows me to monitor behaviour and identify bottlenecks. More information to come on this since it's fuelling a presentation I'm writing on charting in APEX 5.1, so stay tuned.

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