Wednesday 6 July 2016

APEX Survey Results: Editing Tools

Another preference question in my 2015 survey.

Q5: What editing tools do you use for PL/SQL and JavaScript

That Jeff Smith fellow should be pretty happy with the top result, but almost half of the "Other" responses said PL/SQL Developer. I used this many years ago while SQL Developer was still being born. Since SQL Developer was free and portable, it was an easy selection, though I only use if for queries, not PL/SQL development.

A number of editors were suggested in Other, including two takers for Notepad. All I can say is wow, and I hope for the sake of others that tab characters are not being saved in your files.

I've been happily using Textpad almost since I started coding. I'm interested in making the jump to a non OS specific editor like Sublime, or perhaps Atom, but I'm not there yet. Though after watching the Kscope16 deep dive / montage (as a livestream), I want to try soon!

Edit: January 2017

I spotted these results in the 2016 StackOverflow survey, a somewhat more diverse survey than mine.

And I've started to use Atom, but I might have to give Sublime a go for a while to compare.


Jorge Rimblas said...

Here are some blog post to help you get going:

Scott Wesley said...

Cheers for the list, I was going to use Trent's post to get me going.

David Lawton said...

Hi Scott,

Another link for you.

I've been using Sublime for PL/SQL for a couple of years now (along with a proper IDE for queries). Thinking about trying Atom too soon, but I've no reason to change really.

Tim... said...

And where is the mighty UltraEdit? :)